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Azealia Banks for “New York Magazine” 2014.


Azealia Banks for “New York Magazine” 2014.

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Azealia Banks covers Galore Magazine #62 photographed by Rony Alwin

GM: You’re known for your style and have collaborated with some pretty legit names in fashion, Alexander Wang for one, how has your fashion evolved with your career?

AB: I made all that stuff up, I actually don’t care about fashion at all. LOL.

Top 4 Female Rappers of all time?

1. Azealia Banks
2. Kanye West
3. Jim Jones
4. T.I.

If you’re Ariel of the lil’ mermaid who is the Ursula aka the sea witch of the rap game?

Gaga. She gets on my nerves and wants to steal my voice for sure. She’s too rich to be that lame.

What 5 things do you look for in a guy? 

Smart, Tall, Clean, Responsible, Big dick.

Full interview at galoremag.com

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